Bitch Planet

TRIPLE FEATURE at Heroes*Con 2017


What a weekend!

Heroes*Con 2017 marked the debut of BITCH PLANET: TRIPLE FEATURE and my story "The Invisible Woman." I am so proud of this project. Writing a comic book script was very difficult for me, especially since I come from the fiction world and want to use ALL the words. But Kelly Sue, Valentine, Craig, Lauren, and the entire team were so gracious to me as we put this project together, and I think it turned into something amazing with their help.

The con itself was awesome. I met so many cool folks who chatted to me about their projects and hobbies, filmed a little something for a secret project that should be coming sometime in 2018, and got to talk all about my work and the writing process with lots of creators.

Loved it. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Wednesday Whittling: Flight to Feminist World Bitch Planet


Imagine it’s not your best day. Maybe you’re wearing sweatpants or don’t want to hold doors open for people or even say something to the guy who walks right into you.

Now imagine being reprimanded for those things – not in the sense that someone says something back to you, but actually reprimanded. It’s noted in your record and you’re expected to correct it. If the action persists, you’ll be sent off to a holding area designed for people just like you. Got it?

Good. Now you’re on Bitch Planet.

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