Athena's Daughters Day 4: 12K, More Story Previews, And A Blogpost

2013 copyright Autumn Frederickson. Created exclusively for "Athena's Daughters."
2013 copyright Autumn Frederickson. Created exclusively for "Athena's Daughters."

Day four, and we're over the $12,000 mark! All I can say is THANK YOU.

If you contributed at the $5 level and up, here’s what you’re getting, in addition to any items you’ve specifically pledged for:

-a digital copy of the Athena's Daughters anthology, now including stories by Nisi Shawl and Tanya Spackman
-an email from one of our authors, personally thanking you for your contribution
-a digital copy of *two* Danielle Ackley-Mcphail novels (The Halfling's Court and Yesterday's Dreams)
-a digital copy of Gail Z. Martin‘s short story bundle (including "Buttons," "Vanities," and "Steer A Pale Course.")
-a digital download of Maggie Allen‘s album Last Call, recorded with her band Naked Singularity,
-and a digital download of Cynthia Ward's short story "Gabriella"!

Cynthia also did a recent post about the inspiration for her fantastic story "Whoever Fights Monsters," which is included in Athena's Daughters:

"...Years ago, in an article for The Internet Review of Science Fiction, I wrote: "I’m just waiting for the kickass urban fantasy steampunk novel with a strong female protagonist who uses her magical talents, button-booted martial-arts skills, and steam-powered machine gun to mow down werewolves and zombies by gaslight. There’s a book that’ll go Number One with a bullet. A silver bullet.” Then I thought: ”I ought to write this myself.”"

The illustration at the beginning of this post, by Autumn Frederickson, is the artwork which will accompany Cynthia's story in the anthology.

When we reach the $12,500 mark, all backers at the $5 level will also receive a digital copy of Sherwood Smith's novel "Crown Duel." Sherwood recently did a guest post for the Silence in the Library blog, where she writes about romance, Jane Austen, and Georgette Heyer. She also discusses the inspiration for her fabulous anthology story "Commando Bats."

As always, if you would like to back our project, or give it a signal boost: