Roxane Gay to write series for "Black Panther" universe

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I've been a fan of Roxane's lyrical, gorgeous work since The Butter, so I am THRILLED to see her branch out into comics.

World of Wakanda will chronicle T'Challa's struggle to bring order to Wakanda in the wake of civil war, and will also center on two members of the Dora Millaje, Ayo and Aneka. It will also provide more insight into the women of Wakanda.

According to the interview, they've got some awesome writers and artists lined up, as well:

...Alitha Martinez will be drawing Roxane’s story, and Afua Richardson will be providing the covers. Additionally, there'll be a backup story in #1 that Ta-Nehisi is co-writing with Yona Harvey, and Afua will be drawing that.


Cannot wait to get my hands on this series and see where their new story takes us! Congrats, Roxane!

Happy Wednesday,